Pira Charcoal Ovens and Barbecues

Pira Charcoal Ovens and Barbecues manufactures professional BBQ Oven products that can meet the most demanding of commercial needs. Pira offers the highest quality with the best all in market price.

SUNTERRA PRO SERIES excited to become the United States and Mexico distributor for Pira Ovens and Barbecues.

With a Pira charcoal oven you can bake and grill many foods, from rices to meat or vegetables. Your dishes will have the unique taste of the barbecue smoke, as the pleasing aroma permeates your gallery and restaurant.
A charcoal oven is the ideal combination between a barbecue and an oven, blended together in one machine the best of the two worlds. Pira ovens work with charcoal, you can further infuse additional flavor by including small pieces of wood. The Pira ovens are the perfect cookers to provide the most authentic grilled flavor, aroma, juiciness and texture to any dish. With a Pira charcoal oven, you save up to 40% fuel over traditional grills and will cook up to 35% quicker than on an open barbecue.

Pro Series Charcoal Ovens by Pira

Pira, made in Spain, has manufactured and sold charcoal ovens for over 20 years, installed in over 40 countries and endorsed by chefs worldwide. Pira ovens are worlds appart from comparable products. The ovens are ready to work after unpacking and installation.

The Pira Difference

  • High quality ovens at competitive prices.
  • Piracold: cooling system and insulation that reduces the outside temperature, reduces coal consumption providing a more comfortable working environment.
  • Built-in collector for oils and greases.
  • Channelled grates allow you to cook without flare-ups, a plus when cooking delicate foods (fishes, some vegetables) and greasy foods (chicken, duck …).
  • Panoramic glass in Lux Series and ED Series, which allows a perfect visualization. We also have a blind door with the SD Series.
  • Multiple cooking levels offer more production capacity and efficiency.
  • We incorporate as a standard in all our models, a built-in airflow regulator with a built-in firebreak. An external option is also possible.
  • ED Series ovens feature a glass door that raises, which effects maximizes cooking time and reduces fuel consumption.

Sunterra Pira Catalog

More About Us

We strive to be known as the company that cares for our customers and shares in the passion and satisfaction that our customers gain from using our products. Our mission, is to deliver the highest-quality BBQ products that caters to the ever increasing demands of the discriminating culinary professional.

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